Our support team is always updating this section to provide as much information as possible, from basic concepts to technical details, in a way that is simple to use.


This section describes the basic definitions and terms used throughout ZofToken's documentation, making it a good starting point to being understanding how the solution works.

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Integrating the ZofToken solution

This section provides a high level summary to understand the different integration options available and what scenarios work best for each one, before getting into how to implement those options.

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Services and Authkeys

This section describes in detail two central elements of the configuration of a ZofToken instance (services and authkeys), and provides some recommendations for how to use them.

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This section describes in detail the characteristics, potential impacts and security of this feature.

Learn more about the duress feature

API description

This sections provides both a high level summary of the API and how it works, as well as the technical details required for integration. There is also a step-by-step guide available to see how the API works with our ZaaS service.

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